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General Information

Species Name: Concordance (Concordant, Cordanti)
Base: Mamaalien humanoid
Mode Of Governance: Military Theocracy
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Beta

Physical Descriptors

Varied. The Concordance, much like the Breen Confederacy, is a hodgepodge of sentient humanoids with a common societal framework. The original base species for the Concordance, and the majority of their leadership base, are short grey furred humanoids. Stubby fingers, bright intelligent eyes, but with recessed nasal and auditory organs. Muscular and bone morphology suggests a herbivore base for evolution. Maximum height of a Cordanti is 1.5 meters.

Key Points

The Concordance did not start off the way it exists today. In fact their history begins five hundred years previously, when they were a young species about to embark on the grand adventure of warp travel. But like many species in Messier 4 this stage of their evolution was interrupted by The Myriad, who intervened to cause their planet a ecological disaster. The Myriad stepped in to help, and what followed was a century of servitude to their benefactors The Myriad.

During this century the Cordanti became the vassals for the House of Moths, a group within the Myriad devoted to the shaping of the biological world into useful shapes. Gene-engineered narcotics, designer life forms, world-ending plagues. The Cordanti were keen students of this technology, and soon overtook their Myriad master in its development. One such innovation made on the Myriad’s behalf was a fungal infection designed to create and manage new structures in the brains of humanoids. These new structures, created from the infections life cycle, were a self-organising carbon lattice that tied together parts of the brain that managed religious fixation and tribal instinct.

The Myriad hoped to make a plague that would leave behind a docile and controllable population on any world they visited, that would follow them with the religious fixation of Gods. The faith implant the fungus created did just that, but it did not elevate the Myriad to godhood in the eyes of the Cordanti. Instead, it worked on their existing beliefs, and soon open bloody revolt pushed them off the Cordanti homeworld. The Myriad followed standard procedure, and euthanised the planet with a comet strike and then cut it off from the stellar network.

And that, should have been the end of the story.

But the Cordanti survived, in bunkers and scattered enclaves. And over the centuries to come rebuilt their society, the fungal parasite implant still breeding and growing within each new generation until they once again rose to the stars from their corpse of a planet. Now the Concordance, a single voice and faith, they see their past as their new creation myth.

They were visited by God’s who bestowed upon them the bounty of the stars, but when they rebelled and threw aside their Gods, the vengeful wrath visited upon them wiped away the unjust and unfaithful leaving behind only the Chosen. Those who would rebuild their society and go forth to bring the word of Concordance to the stars. The first world the Concordance found fought them off, but not before the fungal plague took root. When the Concordance returned to press their religious war, they found new allies on the surface willing to aid them in their fight as the fungus picked up the pheromone signal of other infected.

Their faith was infectious.

Once subjugated the planet was ravaged for resources, and more of its dwindling population infected and converted to Concordance. In the end, the survivors watched as the Concordance left carrying away nearly 10% of their people...and then proceeded to bomb and gas the surface. The Concordance believed that their God’s had wiped away the faithless so the faithful would thrive, that this is the natural course of events. Now they travel from world to world, taking the newly infected faithful, and leaving the remainder on a dead world soon to be blasted back to a prior age.

One People. One Faith. One Voice. Concordance.

Ships are rigged to self-destruct upon being boarded or disabled. ALL SHIP, both civilian and military. Death is no disgrace.

Worlds Of Note

Morits Dis, devastated homeworld of the Concordance. Still the centre of their society, with hundreds of orbital facilities and dry docks supporting their evacuated population and warmongering ways. They still use the planet's surface as a colossal strip mine to feed their interstellar war machine.