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Starfleet Office Of Special Investigations
Operation Clover
Paris Event Incident Report
May 5th 2389

Summary Page

((NOTE: Reader is not cleared for further files associated with ongoing Operation Clover investigations.))

Following the ongoing investigation into the appearance and proliferation of advanced technology that does not correspond with any known research and development program, Operation Clover investigators were able to trace back the seller of ‘Device B’. The seller of ‘Device B’ appears to be a Bolian female in her late 30’s, and interrogation of Federation Census Data has matched her identity to Filz Hass. A full file on the Fiz Hass identity can be found in Appendix B.

Filz Hass is associated with the Orchid Trading Combine, a cooperative of niche market technology brokers operating on a number of Federation worlds within the Core and Regional systems. She has offices in Paris, Earth, as well as leased offices on Bolus and the Trinity Moon Complex. Her link to ‘Device B’ is a holorecording from a tourist holocam, where she is clearly seen handing ‘Device B’ to an operative positively identified with the Voltaire Collective. The VC are a faction of the Freedom’s Legion connected to the Gagarin Station bombing and the attempted assassination of Colonel Torden of SFI Red Team.

((At the time of this investigation, the operational command for the acquisition of ‘Device B’ was handed over to SF Hazard Team 6. See attached file summary and blast analysis following activation of ‘Device B’ and ongoing quarantine of affected terrestrial locations.))

OSI Investigators followed Hass back to Paris for observation and containment where she was seen to be conversing with a fellow Bolian via local holo presence communication. Second Bolian was a male, mid-thirties, positively identified by Paris Zone 3 security systems as Ltcmdr Arvek Zhuri of the USS Traveller. Communication lasted 3 minutes and 32 seconds before local holo presence was terminated. (See Appendix C: Holo log file.)

At the release from local command, the OSI Investigation Team decided to move in and apprehend Hass. Enforcement Team 1 & 2’s entry plan and helmet transcripts are in Appendixes A1-A3. Investigations of the remains following the explosion were able to determine the identities of all ten members of both Enforcement Teams, and molecular analysis has detected elemental traces of a neutronium based alloy not native to any known sentient species or historical society.

Evidence from helmet camera footage and transcripts from Hass strongly suggest that she was a Myriad infiltrator, and upon discovery and confinement was able to activate an inbuilt self-destruct device of unknown function. Given the nature of detonation, OSI has posited a rapid degeneration in atomic weak forces, resulting in a single atom’s energy being released. The cover story of a ruptured fuel cell has been supported by OSI officers within the Office Of Public Safety, Paris Prefecture.

It is the opinion of this case officer similar investigations in the future be handled in a manner that does not alert the Infiltrator to our presence. But given the nature of Myriad technology, it is suggested such investigations be handled within sealed chambers.

Case Officer M.
OSI Enforcement Team