Reciprocity of Carcosia

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General Information

Planet Name: Carcosia, Homeworld
Classification: W-Class
Major Settlements: Alexandria
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Delta

Geographical Descriptors

Carcosia is a water world. Its major settlements exist on a small chain of islands near the equator, or upon artificial platforms anchored to the seafloor. It is of note that whilst the seas of Carcosia are rich in marine life, there are no higher cetaceans’s or other similar advanced life forms native to that world.

Carcosia has four natural satellites, all airless rocky moons that counteract the vicious tidal forces and mitigate some of the turbulent weather. Carcosian hurricanes and typhoons are still considered some of the most powerful metrological events able to be witnesses by unaugmented humans.

Key Points

Carcosia is the seat of governance of the Reciprocity of Carcosia, a colonial power encompassing four worlds near the core of Messier 4. Carcosia, Crest, Bastion & Fortress.

Whilst appearing to lack the manpower necessary to wield it, the Reciprocity Of Carcosia has a formidable naval presence. Their ships are some of the most advanced seen both within and without the Milky Way, utilising vacuum energy generators and optical occlusion weaponry.

The RoC is governed by the Steering Committee, a masked group of democratic anarchists elected every five years randomly from the populace.

The RoC can trace their lineage back to the Exodus, a historical note within the histories of both Messier 4 and the Milky Way. In 2156 at the height of the Earth/Romulan War a sect of scholars and engineers from across the Colation of Worlds banded together to save their species from certain annihilation. Stealing technology vital to the war effort, the Exodus Fleet successfully fled contested space heading to the furthest edge of the Outer Spiral Arm. Somewhere between there and Messier 4 they passed through or over the Galactic Barrier without suffering any long-lasting effects.

From that point forward, the Carcosian’s have been advancing both their military and technological might. Some might say so that their small numbers might be augmented to outweigh the dangers of Messier 4.

Points Of Interest

The City of Alexandria.