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General Information

Species Name: Reka
Base: Avian Humanoid’s
Mode Of Governance: Tribal hierachy
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Beta

Physical Descriptors

Long-limbed and willow-like from a life spent in low gravity and space. Four forward facing eyes, beaked, able to mimic sounds perfectly. Feathered plumage in a variety of colours, artificially improved to denote rank and station within the tribal flock.

Key Points

Reka communicates through gesture and a shared telepathic subconscious, spoken language is more contextual than informational. They are able to communicate through mimicry, syphoning memories from other sentient’s and reciting them in pitch-perfect form.

Their prefered weaponry is a close combat tool and energy weapon, a phase staff. These elegant weapons allow highly localised site to site transport, usually through adjoining matter (walls, floors, ceilings). When they are connected with a solid surface deemed a threat to the Reka wielding it, the emitter tip can discharge a powerful phased energy blast on par with a full powered phaser blast.

These Messier 4 artefacts are on the banned cargo list for import to the Klingon Empire.

They are separated out into various familial groups called 'Dens'. These can be as small as 9 solitary Reka forming a temporary Den as a form of protection or to assure employment, to large star system-spanning conglomerates operating under a single banner. These Den's are often in conflict with one another, seeking opportunity and advantage to usurp power. A Den is led by a Matriarch, an elder Reka powerful in both stature and collective control over the shared subconscious of the Reka.

Know Dens: Seven Dancing Shadows (Beacon sub Den), Bone Shard Crowns (Beacon dominant Den), Ikarian Illuminat (Mercenary Den).

Once a client race of The Myriad, the Reka attempted to break free of their control by a mass exodus with a secret fleet of warp ships. Unbeknown to them, a member of their species had sold them out. The Myriad came in a force out of the Whisper Gate and decimated the Reka. The resulting battle shattering the Reka homeworld. One in ten were spared, and of that pitiful few further degenerations were placed upon them. A virus was unleashed that crippled their species ability to reproduce, resulting in a diminished birth rate and reliance on Myriad aid to even propagate.

But the ships...those were kept. The Reka were conscripted into the role of fast couriers and secretive scouts, the riskier assignments and work gaining them meagre boons and favour. Larger gains were made when the Reka brought the Myriad new species to enslave or found those trying to escape their rule.

Their favoured tactic is luring victims into shoal zones, dense asteroid fields, and ion storms where their smaller ships have the advantage over larger vessels. This tactic is also reflected in their close quarter's fighting style, preferring to choose the battlefield to provide them with a maximum advantage by attacking from stealth.

Worlds Of Note