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Following the Battle Of Canopus Station the near wreck of the USS Traveller is recovered and her crew cared for by Canopus Station personnel. Over the remainder of the month of August, and well into October of 2389, the USS Traveller undergoes a series of repairs and refits that will see her reborn as a Wayfarer-class Battle Cruiser. From gentle explorer to armoured pocket carrier, the USS Travellers mission remains unchanged. It is merely more aware of the dangers beyond the limits of Carpathia.

In this rest bite the crew of Canopus Station begin to focus their attentions on the moon of Carpathia and the Federation colony of Landersfell. Delivering a number of Class Five Industrial Replicators to the colony, the Canopus Station crew are introduced to some of the members of the Colony Administration. It soon becomes clear that the Acheron Colony Corporation, who funded and sponsored the colony ship, was not overly fond of the United Federation of Planets. With maladjusted factions from the borders of Federation space and the inner forgotten worlds cast in the shadow of more prosperous stars in the firmament, tensions are not quelled so easily with a gift from the UFP's military arm.

Elements of Freedoms Legion are in evidence within the colony.