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General Information

Planet Name: Carpathia, 12th moon of the gas giant Tangerine Dream, Carpathia Star Syetem
Classification: M/L Class
Major Settlements: Landersfell
Tech Level: Not Self Sufficent
Population: 10'000 Federations colonists.
Affiliations: United Federation Of Planets

Geographical Descriptors

Carpathia is a world that should not harbour even the remotest possibility of life, and yet it is shrouded in an atmosphere conducive to aerobic mammalian life. How this is achieved given there appears to be no photosynthesising vegetation is a mystery to be solved. But regardless, it's desert climate is still a hostile one to unsupported life forms.

From orbit the dusty caramel orb of Carpathia looks uninviting, and up close its sandy dunes and rocky plains do little to alleviate this monotony.

Key Points

The settlement of Landersfell and the orbiting Starbase of Canopus Station. It is based around the crashed colony barge SS Acheron and is home to just under 10'000 Federation colonists.
On the opposite side of Carpathia to the Landersfell settlement is a Prior artefact called a World Flower, thought locals have called it the Campus Of The White Tower. It is a Prior terraforming device, damaged beyond its capacity to repair itself, and only able to affect a radius of 30 miles from its centre.

Native Life Forms

None Yet Discovered

Points Of Interest

The Campus Of The White Tower/World Flower