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General Information

Designation: Canopus Station
Classification: Stardock class Starbase
Location: Carpathia Star System
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Beta
Affiliations: Starfleet, United Federation Of Planets

General Descriptors

Launched to Messier 4 as part of Expedition 2, in line with the Five Year Plan for Project Long Jump, Canopus Station is designed to act as the logistical and support apparatus for Starfleet’s continued operations in Messier 4.

In doing so it will act as the major port city for all traffic entering and exiting the Milky Way galaxy, and also act as a final line of defence against any incursions from the Messier 4 side. The opposite side of this mission is to act as a beachhead for any large scale fleet actions that might be undertaken.

To that end the Five Year Plan for Messier 4 has been accelerated, with plans to bring online agricultural support for the Carpathia colony and the commissioning of the Pollux Ship Yards. This will be done to facilitate the manufacturing and servicing of Starfleet Task Groups beyond the scope of a Stardock’s ability.

Key Points

Canopus Station is a self-sustaining city in space. Its antimatter reactor powers a cyclotron to produce antimatter in large enough quantities to service its own needs, and the needs of fueling attendant fleet elements. Its automated gas harvesting drones have already begun the work of tapping the near limitless deuterium and helium 3 clouds of the gas giant Tangerine Dream.

Its small scale ship fabrication facilities allow it to assemble its own auxiliary craft and replacement starfighters, as well as larger starships designs up to Frigate size. Larger vessels, up to and including heavy cruiser classes can be manufactured, but complexity and size will limit construction timelines prohibitively.

Canopus Station is also home to a large civilian support staff, mostly of Project Long Jump origin. These are housed in the civilian housing of the lower station core under the dome of the docks. A commons area of shopping precincts and open-air green spaces and eateries can be found in The Medina.

Points Of Interest

The Medina.
The Agri Dome.
Main Docks
The Rish Enclave, Cargo Reef