Canopus Situtation Report

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Having rescued the crew from the clutches of the Harbour Master, and faced off with the military might of the Concordance, the crew return to a station bloodied by battle. But no sooner have they returned than the crew are on their way once more. But not too far-flung nightmares in Messier 4.

Instead, they are to transport four Class Four Industrial Replicators to the surface of Carpathia, the desert moon colony Canopus Station orbits, Carpathia. These replicators will help the colony set up habitation and infrastructure, and go some distance in repairing the damage caused by Starfleet’s hand in the colonies fiery founding.

But during the arrival, the Colony Coordiaintor is warned by a man calling himself Pallas Cant to recall old debts made to the Freedom’s Legion, an anti-Federation group now transplanted to the new stars of Messier 4. Is the crew walking into a trap, or is the colony town of Landersfall really a port in the storm?