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The Fourth Expedition arrives in Messier 4. But instead of a few mining ships and supply vessel, an entire Starfleet Task Force is detected. Headed by Commodore Grissom, TFCO for Task Force Hecate of the Office Of Special Investigation, it soon becomes apparent that something is happening. Within hours of arriving, he assembles the command staff of Canopus Station to lay out the reason why he is here with a fleet at his back: he has been ordered by Starfleet and the Federation Council to combat the Myriad.

Information is relayed to all that the Myriad has begun to operate within the Alpha Quadrant, supplying dangerous advanced technology to factions of dissident groups and malcontents. Starfleet and the UPF Council want to know how the Myriad are able to travel to the Milky Way if they are doing so with ships or some other means. Commodore Grissoms Task Force is set with the goal of treating with the Myriad to a peaceful outcome or eliminating the threat. To that end Commodore Grissom assumes command over all theatre wide operations, supplanting Captain Ingram's authority.

Within the 4th Expedition group the USS Sherman Potter, an Olympic-class hospital ship, is welcomed to Messier 4.

Known Ships Of The 4th Expedition Group/TF-Hecate

  • USS Nike, NCC 34790-C (Century Class)
  • USS Harrington, NCC 56292 (Century Class)
  • USS Necromancer, NCC 82363 (Steamrunner Class)
  • USS Palatine, NCC 17729 (Vesta-Class, TF Flagship)
  • USS Victory, NCC 82332 (Akira Class)
  • SFMC Normandy, MCC 1505 (Overlord Class)
  • USS Sherman Potter, NCC 4077 (Olympic-Class) (Detached Assignment)
  • USS Wisdom Like Silence, NCX 34091 (Stevenson Class) (Detached Assignment)