The Builders

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General Information

Species Name: The Builders
Base: Purpose built biological substrates designed for specific applications. Original bio form unknown.
Mode Of Governance: Biological Demarchisim
Tech Level: (Alpha: Pre Warp. Beta: Warp Capable. Delta: Able to harness ALL available resources. Gamma: Q level.) Beta

Physical Descriptors

The Builders are able to quickly build biological structures to meet the needs of many environments. Overall they tend towards anthropoidal forms, with many aspects of their physiology being similar to that of old Earth's crustacean lifeforms. Known Builder formats include 'Shovel Heads', massive 30-foot tall giants with tri-symmetry arms and legs routing from a central torso that are the physical powerhouses of their race, and Chatty who was rapidly designed to interact with humans following the assimilation of the Starfleet/Federation First Contact Primer broadcast by Canopus Station. Due to the rapid nature of Chattys creation, they have enthusiastically stated they will be making something much more 'friendly looking' than an armour-plated starfish as big as an average human being.

Able to survive protracted periods of low cognitive function, with a great many of their bioforms lacking sapience to aid in their slow travel across the stars.

Key Points

They are a migratory species, travelling on a haphazard orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy hopping from star cluster to cluster. They do this in massive Starjammers, sublight vessels with engines on both ends so as to avoid tearing their ships apart in turning around to decelerate from cruising speed. Their technology is advanced enough to impact the magnetic field of two ice giants in the outer Carpathia star system, but they do not have warp drive.

They are the first arrivals of a 10 to 20 thousand fleet of Starjammers but proclaim peaceful intentions. Only time will tell.

Worlds Of Note