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The USS Traveller arrives back where it all began to Messier 4. But instead of finding a stranded colony shipwrecked on the moon Carpathia, they find a fully functional Starbase and a guard fleet. With little time to warn the defenders of Canopus Station, the Reka raiding fleet that had followed them from Beacon fell upon them, and the Battle of Canopus Station began.

In this battle Starfleet had four Wallace-class heavy corvettes, the Norway-class USS Resolute, the heavily damaged Ronin-class USS Traveller, the SCES Please Read The Instructions and a partially completed Carpathia Shore Battery network as well as Canopus Stations own fighter wing.

Arrayed against them were several large Reka Carrier craft, from which a rough estimate puts the total allotment of Reka strike craft at two to three hundred per Carrier.

Long range System Defense Torpedoes from the Shore Battery were able to take out two of the carriers at extreme range. The remaining five closed in, chasing down the Traveller. in the close-quarters combat that followed Starfleet was able to gain the upper hand through tactics and strategy, but at a heavy cost as the USS Traveller was nearly destroyed. Three more of the Reka Carriers were destroyed, with the remaining damaged pair fleeing into the Unicorn-B asteroid belt of the Carpathia Star System. Follow up action was not taken at that time.